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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Treatment in East Patchogue

Periodontal care is an important part of your oral health, especially when unhealthy bacteria spreads beyond what at-home care alone can manage. This spreading bacteria causes gum disease and long-lasting dental issues that require attention by dedicated professionals. At Patchogue and Hampton Family Dental, Dr. Richard Richter provides this attention and treatment, utilizing cutting edge technology and expert care to restore full oral health.

Dr. Richter works with a local periodontist to offer care that addresses the many health problems caused by gum disease, and its advanced form, periodontitis. We serve East Patchogue with an array of periodontal procedures tailored to your unique dental needs. To receive treatment for gum disease, get in touch with us today.

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Do I Have Gum Disease?

Some symptoms of gum disease are easily visible, especially in advanced cases. Scheduling a visit with your dentist in Patchogue is the best way to counteract the long-term effects of infection.

The following are common symptoms of gum disease:
•    Bleeding gums when brushing and flossing
•    Exposure of tooth roots from gum recession
•    Swollen and sensitive gums
•    Sensitivity to temperature
•    Loose teeth
•    Toothaches or decay

Advanced gum disease can cause permanent harm to the smile, making normal function uncomfortable or impossible. It is Dr. Richter’s goal to prevent your smile from reaching this point and preserve natural teeth from extraction or extensive dental care. Our practice also provides treatment for those that do require teeth extraction and restorative procedures.

Advanced Gum Disease Treatment in East Patchogue

Dr. Richter is experienced in diagnosing and treating gum disease. He and his dental team work coordinate a strategy that addresses simple and complex gum problems. With a personalized plan designed to restore oral health and normal dental function, we help patients smile once again. Our array of treatments provides us with a comprehensive approach to periodontal care, from adjusting tooth alignment to gum tissue regeneration.

We offer the following procedures for periodontal treatment:
•    Scaling and Root Planing using Ultrasonic Tools
•    LANAP Therapy and Additional Laser Procedures
•    Surgical Options
•    Orthodontic Treatment

All of our services are tailored to individual needs, giving patients the full benefits of customized care. To enhance patient comfort, we utilize Oraqix®, an injection-less anesthetic that relieves discomfort below the gum line.

Restoring Extracted or Lost Teeth

When teeth require extraction or have fallen out due to periodontal disease, Dr. Richter can help. After rebuilding oral health and stability, our Patchogue dentist collaborates with a trusted periodontist to provide dental implant placement and restoration. This advanced treatment method ensures long-lasting oral health and renewed tooth structure.

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